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TiVo Series5: The Roamio Line

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These units are NOT compatible with DirecTV or DISH. Please see our DirecTV HD DVR page for DirecTV units.

See our TiVo Roamio Accessories page for cables, remotes, upgrades, etc.

To learn more about how they work with your cable company, see our CableCARD info.

Available on weaKnees TiVo Roamio DVRs!

All-In Service for Pro
(Included with Roamio OTA Model)

Monthly Service
(with one year commitment)

Pricing is for reference only. Service is purchased through TiVo directly. weaKnees does not guarantee TiVo service pricing, which is subject to change.

TiVo Roamio Series5 DVRs come in three styles:

Roamio Pro

(Roamio Pro pictured)

Features of ALL TiVo Roamio DVRs:

  • QuickMode - watch shows at 1.3x speed
  • SkipMode - skip entire commercial breaks (some recordings)
  • Uses CableCARD (no cable box)
  • Up to 1080p resolution
  • Program online
  • Includes TiVo Peanut Remote
  • Access to Netflix, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Hulu Plus, etc.
  • Works with iOS apps
  • Programmable online via TiVo.com
  • Compatible with TiVo Mini

Roamio: No longer available

Roamio OTA: Antenna only. 6 tuners. Includes lifetime service.

Roamio Plus: No longer available.

Roamio Pro: Cable or FiOS only. 6 Tuners. Streaming access built-in! Includes MoCA for easy networking and innovative Remote Finder. Available upgraded with up to 20 TBof storage. This is the centerpiece of a great home theater system!

Please see our full TiVo Roamio Comparison Chart to get complete details on the differences between these new units.

Important note here, if you are planning to use your Roamio with an antenna, only the base Roamio has an antenna input, and if you are using the antenna input, you cannot use a CableCARD on that unit.

Further info is at our TiVo Roamio FAQ.

TiVo Roamio Pro Series5 HD DVR for Cable & Verizon FiOS - 6 Tuners with On-Board Streaming
TiVo Roamio Pro TiVo Roamio Pro Back
Click to enlarge

With 6 tuners (more than any other DVR), up to 16TB of storage, and on-board streaming, this is more than just a DVR for one room - it supports a whole house. Add TiVo Minis and use iOS clients to extend this to lots of places at once!

TiVo Roamio Pro HD DVR - TiVo Service Required (Refurbished)


TiVo Roamio Pro - 3 TB Drive for up to 450 HD hours (Factory Refurbished by TiVo)
Six cable/FiOS tuners. Everything you could want in a DVR is here - support for a whole house full of TVs, tablets, and phones! 90-day parts/labor warranty from TiVo. (Refurbished)
$0.00 IN STOCK NOW - Eligible for FREE SHIPPING
Sold Out. Now available with lifetime TiVo service ($549 value). Click here.

TiVo Roamio Accessories
TiVo Mini for all TiVo Roamio Models

In Stock

TiVo Mini VOX 4K (TiVo Refurbished)
Companion device for TiVo Bolt, TiVo Bolt VOX, Roamio (OTA, Plus, Pro), and Premiere 4 and 6 tuner DVRs. Access your TiVo DVR from any TV in your home by simply by attaching a TiVo Mini VOX. Includes TiVo VOX remote, HDMI cable and power adapter. Requires TiVo with TiVo service and four or more tuners. Wired connection to TiVo strongly recommended. Wired connection to Mini (or Mini WiFi adapter) required. TiVo Mini VOX can connect to earlier generation TiVo Premiere 4 and XL4/Elite DVR’s; however, the voice control functions of the TiVo Mini VOX will be disabled in this configuration. Factory Refurbished.
Includes 90-day TiVo warranty. Optional three-year WeaKnees warranty (terms).
Add Three-Year
Extended Warranty?
TiVo MoCA / PoE (Point of Entry) Filter
Strongly recommended for all MoCA networks. Keeps sensitive Internet traffic from leaking outside your home. Installs in seconds. Click here for installation instructions.


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