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DIRECTV HD DVRs - HR24 Upgraded with up to 400 HD Hours

WeaKnees.com is the only authorized DirecTV reseller offering upgrades and warranties on DirecTV DVRs in-house.

These units are for DirecTV only. If you don't have DirecTV, please see the Series 4 TiVo for Cable page.

Please note that DirecTV generally considers all new equipment activated after March, 2006 to be leased equipment.

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We now have stock of the HR54, upgraded. The HR54 units have 5 tuners and up to 10 TB drives.


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DIRECTV HR24 - High Definition DirecTV DVRs
(This unit is not a TiVo - it runs DirecTV's DVR operating system)

HR24 DVR Units for use with DirecTV - IN STOCK!

65 to 100
Hours of high definition/ 430 Hours of standard definition

Refurbished DirecTV HR24 HD DVR
90 Day Parts and Labor Manufacturer Warranty.

145 to 200
Hours high definition/ 875 Hours of standard definition
Refurbished DirecTV HR24 HD DVR
Upgraded with a NEW Terabyte AV internal drive. 90 Day Parts and Labor WeaKnees Warranty.

290 to 400
Hours high definition/1750
Hours of standard definition

Refurbished DirecTV HR24 HD DVR
Upgraded with a NEW 2 Terabyte AV EXTERNAL drive (requires separate power). 90 Day Parts and Labor WeaKnees Warranty.

HR22 with backup
290 to 400
Hours high definition/ 1750 hours of standard definition


Refurbished DirecTV HR24 HD DVR

Ships with an external hard drive containing TWO NEW 2.0 TB hard drives. If either drive fails, the other drive contains an exact copy of your data. 90 Day Parts and Labor WeaKnees Warranty.

Important related information:

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-Already have an HR20/21/22/23/24/34 and want to expand it? See our HR20/21/22/23/24/34 Upgrade page.

-Have questions about the HR2X? See our DirecTV HD DVR FAQ.

-DIRECTV HR20 / HR21 / HR22 / HR24 Tips and Tricks

NOTE: The HR10-250 (below) cannot receive or process signals in MPEG4 format, which means that it cannot get HD local channels via satellite in most areas of the country. The HR10-250 WILL process off-air HD signals. weaKnees is not responsible for DIRECTV's future plans with HD content.

All two-drive TiVos on this page ship with WeaKnees.com's exclusive TwinBreeze G2 with extra fan. See our new OTA HD page for more information about terrestrial HD broadcasts.

DIRECTV HR10-250 (High Definition TiVo DirecTV DVRs) - REFURBISHED
DirecTV HR10-250

HR10-250 TiVo Units for use with DirecTV

See our complete DirecTV HD TiVo HR10-250 page




  • WeaKnees will not accept returns on any DIRECTV DVRs that have been activated with DIRECTV. No exceptions. HR20/HR21/HR22/HR24 DIRECTV DVRs cannot be returned or exchanged once activated.
  • All warranty/returns/service for upgraded units (which is any unit that has more recording capacity than it had when it left the manufacturing facility) must be through Weaknees.com. Failure to contact Weaknees.com for service will result in a loss of all recording capacity that Weaknees.com added to the standard 30-hour unit. Warranty/service for unmodified units must be done through the manufacturer.


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