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TiVo Mini DVR Companion
No Additional Monthly Fees!

Plug it in and share the TiVo experience on another TV.

The TiVo Mini is a convenient, all-purpose whole home companion to your 4-tuner or 6-tuner TiVo DVR. Connecting a TiVo Mini to another TV in the house makes it easy to watch live TV, recorded shows and access web entertainment. Schedule a recording. Or start a show in the living room and finish it on your Mini in another room. Mini delivers the intuitive, easy-to-use TiVo experience you know and love.


• Connects to any 4-tuner or 6-tuner TiVo DVR (including BOLT, Bolt Plus, Roamio, Premiere 4, XL4/Elite) through your home network
• Watch live TV or recorded shows from your main TiVo DVR
• Access your 4- or 6-tuner TiVo DVR to schedule recordings, WishList® searches and Season Pass® recordings
• Provides access to movies and music from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Pandora,® Spotify,™ YouTube™ and other broadband content providers
• Streams music and photos from any home network and the web
• 3 Remote Options (Infrared, RF or Slide Keyboard Remote)

TiVo Mini

What you’ll need

• At least one 4-tuner TiVo Premiere DVR such as BOLT, Bolt Plus, Roamio, Premiere 4 or XL4/Elite,
• Wired connection between main DVR and home network
• Wired connection between TiVo Mini and home network
• No additional CableCARD™ required!

TiVo service for the Mini is free! No additional service fees!*


TiVo Mini DVR Companion (with RF Remote, Factory Refurbished)
Companion device for TiVo Bolt, VOX, Roamio, and Premiere 4 and 6 tuner DVRs. Plug it in and share the TiVo experience on another TV in your home. Includes new RF TiVo remote (no line of sight required), new HDMI cable and new power adapter. Requires TiVo with TiVo service and four or more tuners. Wired connection to TiVo and Mini required.

TiVo Mini Composite/Component Cable Set
Speciality cable set to enable TiVo Mini to connect to TV using composite or component cables. Provides composite (red/white/yellow) output or component (red/blue/green video + red/white audio) audio/video from Mini to TV that does not have HDMI input.

$19.99 - IN STOCK - Eligible for FREE SHIPPING


TiVo MoCA Bridge (TiVo Factory Refurbished)
Combines Internet onto existing coax cable line to enable a TiVo and/or TiVo Mini to get wired Internet access over existing coax line. Includes setup guide, power supply, ethernet cable, coax cable and coax splitter. With support for the latest MoCA 2.0 standard, this MoCA Network Adapter supports speeds up to 670 Mbps. Not sure if you need one? See this page.


TiVo Premiere and Mini Slide Keyboard Remote
The perfect addition to any Premiere or Mini - the keyboard remote!


Factory Replacement RF/IR Remote Control for TiVo Mini and TiVo Premiere
The newest TiVo Peanut Remote with an RF dongle for TiVo Mini and TiVo Premiere

Have Networking, Compatibility or other Questions about the TiVo Mini? See our TiVo Mini FAQ.




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