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TiVo Mini VOX 4K / TiVo Mini LUX 4K
4K. Voice Controlled. No Additional Monthly Fees!

Bring voice control and the next generation 4K TiVo experience to any room in your house.

TiVo Mini LUX is the all-purpose 4K companion to your TiVo DVR. The Mini delivers you the same TiVo experience that you enjoy in your family room to every room, inlcuding access to streaming content from Netflix and many other streaming services. You can add a Mini to additional TVs without any added monthly fees. TiVo Mini LUX includes a TiVo VOX backlit LUX remote. The TiVo Mini VOX is identical to the TiVo Mini LUX, but with a standard, non-backlit VOX remote.


• Connects to any* 4-tuner or 6-tuner TiVo DVR (including Edge, BOLT, BOLT VOX, Roamio, Premiere 4, XL4/Elite) through your home network
• 4K Ultra High-Definition picture quality
• Watch live TV or recorded shows from your main TiVo DVR
• Access your 4- or 6-tuner TiVo DVR to schedule recordings, WishList® searches and Season Pass® recordings
• Provides access to movies and music from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Pandora,® Spotify,™ YouTube™ and other broadband content providers
• Streams music and photos from any home network and the web
• Many Remote Options (VOX, LUX, Infrared, or RF)

TiVo Mini VOX

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What you’ll need

• Requires connection to TiVo Edge, TiVo BOLT, BOLT VOX, Roamio, Premiere4 or XL4/Elite.* Voice control functionality requires TiVo Edge, TiVo BOLT, TiVo BOLT VOX or TiVo Roamio series.
• Wired connection between main DVR and home network strongly recommended
• Wired connection between TiVo Mini VOX and home network or a Mini WiFi adapter required
• No additional CableCARD™ required

TiVo service for the Mini is free! No additional service fees!

*Main TiVo must be TiVo-branded and cannot have been issued by a cable company.


TiVo Mini LUX 4K

Companion device for TiVo EDGE, Bolt, TiVo Bolt VOX, Roamio (OTA, Plus, Pro), and Premiere 4 and 6 tuner DVRs. Access your TiVo DVR from any TV in your home by simply by attaching a TiVo Mini LUX. Includes TiVo LUX remote (TiVo VOX remote with backlighting), HDMI cable and power adapter. Requires TiVo with TiVo service and four or more tuners. Wired connection to TiVo strongly recommended. Wired connection to Mini (or Mini WiFi adapter) required. TiVo Mini LUX can connect to earlier generation TiVo Premiere 4 and XL4/Elite DVR’s; however, the voice control functions of the TiVo Mini LUX will be disabled in this configuration.
Includes 90-day TiVo warranty. Optional three-year WeaKnees warranty (terms).

Add Three-Year
Extended Warranty?

TiVo MoCA Bridge Plus (New, Actiontec - ECB6200) OPEN BOX
Combines Internet onto existing coax cable line to enable a TiVo and/or TiVo Mini to get wired Internet access over existing coax line. Includes setup guide, power supply, ethernet cable and coax cable. This Bonded MoCA 2.0 adapter turns a home’s coaxial wires into a high-speed Ethernet network, with speeds up to 1 Gbps. The result is a blazing fast wired backbone that enhances the connected home experience and supplements an existing Wi-Fi network with high-speed wired connection points. Not sure if you need one? See this page.


TiVo VOX Remote (Black)
Brand new factory original TiVo VOX (voice) remote. Compatible with all TiVo EDGE, BOLT, TiVo BOLT+, TiVo BOLT VOX and TiVo Mini VOX DVRs. Does not include dongle required for TiVo Roamio and earlier TiVo Mini models.


TiVo Mini Wifi Adapter
TiVo Mini wireless adapter. Compatible with TiVo Mini VOX and TiVo Mini VOX (serial model/number beginning A95) running the TiVo New Experience (with voice control). Currently incompatible with earlier-model Minis (A92/A93).
$59.99 - IN STOCK - Eligible for FREE SHIPPING

Have Networking, Compatibility or other Questions about the TiVo Mini? See our TiVo Mini FAQ.




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