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The TiVo Mini FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the TiVo Mini DVR Companion

Netflix - The TiVo Mini does support Netflix streaming.

Networking the TiVo Mini - The TiVo Mini can be connected to a network via ethernet or MoCA. With a Wifi bridge using ethernet, you could also connect a Mini via Wifi, although performance can suffer.

There are two options for hardwired connections: Ethernet and MoCA. Ports exist for both on the back of the Mini (click the picture above for a larger view). Ethernet is self-explanatory - just attach a CAT5 or better cable from the TiVo Mini to your router, and make sure your Premiere/Roamio is on the same ethernet network. MoCA is a network signal that travels through coax. If your Premiere/Roamio is on a segment of coax in your house that is linked to the coax in another room, all you need to do is plug in the MoCA port. While many people think of the coax cable as only carrying cable TV, that same coax cable can also carry networking information in a different part of the bandwidth. The only time you wouldn't use coax in most installations is where there is no coax run to the room that will house the TiVo Mini.

Preparing the TiVo for MoCA - If you plan to use MoCA, you need to enable it in the menus. To use MoCA on your DVR, it needs to be enabled in the settings. Go to Messages and Setttings -> Settings -> Network -> Change Network Settings and set MoCA to On.

Using a MoCA Bridge - In general, the only current installations that will need a MoCA Bridge are ones where the current DVR is using a Wifi connection and does not have an ethernet connection nearby. Since the TiVo must be hardwired to the network and a coax cable is already at the TiVo, the solution is to put the network into that coax cable, and that's what a MoCA Bridge does. It's located at a place in your house that has both ethernet and coax - usually right at your broadband router. Then, it has a port for each, and allows for units on one network to seamlessly see everything on the other network, including the internet. For more information, please see TiVo's information on the TiVo MoCA Bridge, how to install it and when it is required.

OTA Reception with the TiVo Mini - The Mini can watch live or pre-recorded OTA content if connected to an OTA-configured Roamio or Bolt.

Multiple Mini Configurations - Two TiVo Minis can be connected to one TiVo. With the Roamio, you can connect up to 8 Minis; with a four-tuner Premiere, you can connect up to 2 (but a future software update should permit more Minis per Premiere). In addition, there is a limit of ten TiVo serial numbers per account, and a TiVo Roamio Plus and Pro each count as two (because the built-in Stream has its own dedicated TiVo serial number).


TiVo Mini DVR Companion (with RF Remote, Brand New Bulk Packed)
Companion device for TiVo Bolt, VOX, Roamio, and Premiere 4 and 6 tuner DVRs. Plug it in and share the TiVo experience on another TV in your home. Includes new RF TiVo remote (no line of sight required), new HDMI cable and new power adapter. Requires TiVo with TiVo service and four or more tuners. Wired connection to TiVo and Mini required.



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