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DIRECTV C41W and C61W / Wireless Video Bridge FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

DIRECTV Wireless GENIE Mini (Wireless Home Media Center Client)

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  • Sees recordings from the linked Genie HR34/HR44/HR54
  • Also compatible with Genie H44 (with or without hard drive)
  • Can watch Genie recordings, or use a tuner in the Genie to watch (and pause) live TV
  • Requires a DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge (WVB)
  • Comes with an HDMI cable
  • Requires an additional cable for use with component video
  • Comes with an IR/RF remote (RC7x)
  • Can be mounted behind a flat-screen TV with an optional mounting bracket
  • Dimensions: 1.024"H, 5.906"W, 3.661"D
  • The C61W, like all DIRECTV receivers, will be deemed leased once activated


What is the Wireless Genie Mini (Wireless Genie Client / C61W)?

The C61W is a small (approx 5"x4"x1") DIRECTV receiver that enables DIRECTV customers to get a satellite video signal to a television without having a physical cable run to a DIRECTV satellite. The C61W provides a full high definition picture using an included-HDMI cable or a component cable (sold separately). It also can provide a standard definition picture through a composite cable (also sold separately).

The C61W requires a DIRECT Genie HD DVR or Genie H44, which shares content over a private, separate wireless nework using the DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge. The Genie will work over a wired network with other connected devices (Genie Clients, HD receivers, HD DVRs, etc.).

Once a Wireless Video Bridge is connected to the existing DIRECTV wired network, any C61W within a roughly 80ft range will receive DIRECTV satellite signal wirelessly.

Is the C61W Wireless Genie Mini completely wireless?

The C61W communicates wirelessly with the Genie HD DVR wirelessly, but a wire must be connected between the C61W and your TV. In addition, a wired power cable must be connected between the C61W and a power outlet.

Can I use a C61W on an existing WiFi network?

No. The C61W requires a Wireless Video Bridge. It will not work over an existing wifi network. DIRECTV's high-quality signal travels over its own proprietary network and does not rely on (or use) a customer's existing network.

How does the Wireless Video Bridge work?

The WVB creates a separate, private network that does not interfere with existing wifi networks. It enables the C61W to communicate with the Genie HD DVR.

Does the Wireless Video Bridge work on receivers (or clients) other than the C61W?

No. Any receiver other than the C61W must be wired to the Genie through the existing DIRECTV SWM network.

Can I pause, play and rewind live TV with teh Wireless Genie Mini?

Yes, you can pause, play and rewind live TV in any room that has a Wireless Genie Mini.

Can a TV connected to a Genie through a C61W record a show?

You can schedule a recording through a C61W, but the recorded show will actually reside on the Genie HD DVR.

Are On Demand programming, DIRECTV TV Apps, and Picture-in-Picture available on the C61W Wireless Genie Mini?

Picture-in-Picture is not available on a C61W, but On Demand programming and DIRECTV Apps are available.

What are the dimensions of the Wireless Genie Mini?

1.024" H x 5.906" W x 3.661" D

What are the dimensions of the Wireless Video Bridge?

7.24" H x .96" W x 7" D

Can the C61W Wireless Genie Client be hidden out of sight?

Yes. The unit can be placed behind a TV or in a cabinet. The remote control included with the C61W is RF-capable, which means that it can work through walls without a line of sight.

How many C61Ws can be on one DIRECTV account?

A maximum of 8 Genie Clients can be activated on the same DIRECTV account. The 8 can be a mix of any client model number (C31, C41, C41W, etc.). However, a maximum of three can be active and in use at any one time. In addition, each client that is in use utlizes one of the 5 tuners from the Genie HD DVR.

Can more than one Wireless Video Bridges be installed in one home?

Yes. In a large residence where multiple C61Ws are in use, multiple Bridges can (but do not have to be) used. If all C61Ws are within an 80ft (approx) range of the Wireless Video Bridge, then multiple bridges would not be required.

Does the C61W or Wireless Video Bridge take up a SWM assignment on a SWM network?

No. A SWM system has a maximum number of tuners (eg. a SWM8 can have 8 tuners; a SWM16 can have 16), but since a C61W uses a tuner from a Genie, it does not reduce the SWM tuner count. In other words, in a home that has a Genie (5 tuners), an HR24 (two tuners) and an H25 (one tuner), additional TVs can use C61Ws (or C31s, C41s) and not exceed the tuner count of a SWM8.

How do I install the Wireless Video Bridge and C61W Client?

WVB Installation
Step 1: Connect the WVB to an open port on a SWM splitter, within 80 ft of where the C61Ws will be located.
Step 2: On the Genie Server, verify the on-screen display, which should say: “A wireless video bridge has been
found and configured successfully”
Step 3: Verify all WVBs (if you are using more than one WVB) are connected to the Genie Server by checking the WVB status

Installing Wireless Clients
Step 1: On the Genie Server, go to Whole-Home - Manage Clients - Add Clients
Step 2: On the wireless client (C61W), select Connect Now/Continue
Step 3: Select Add a New Location on the Client.
Step 4: Enter a name for the Client.
Step 5: After these steps have been completed, the wireless client (C61W) will be registered to the Genie Server and WVB.
Step 6: After all C61Ws have been added, go to the Genie Server and select DONE on the Add Clients screen.


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