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TiVo Remote Controls, DIRECTV Remote Controls, Universal Remote and Remote Accessories

Replacement TiVo Remotes

WeaKnees has replacement remotes for any TiVo that uses a Peanut remote, and for many other models of TiVo and DIRECTV DVRs.

Replacement TiVo Remotes

tivo peanut remote

Peanut Remotes
for Series1, Series2, Series3
Premiere, Roamio and BOLT TiVos

(NON-DirecTV TiVos)

tivo peanut remote

Peanut Remotes

TiVo Slide Pro Remote

TiVo Slide Pro Remote
with QWERTY keyboard

(For BOLT, Roamio, Premiere
and Mini Only)


Universal Remotes

tivo dvd remote

Peanut Remotes for
TiVos with
DVD Burners


Toshiba SDH400 Remote

Toshiba TiVo with DVD Player
(Not DVD Recorder)

If you are not sure which model you have, see our model finder information or contact us for help.

A few tips for using your new remote:

Click here for TiVo's page on setting your new remote to work with your TV.

Click here for TiVo's page on using two remotes (or more) with two TiVo DVRs (or more).

Click here for TiVo's page on using one remote with a DVR 1-2 switch with two TiVo DVRs.


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