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Philips HDR312 and HDR612 TiVo Upgrade Kits

TiVo Upgrade Kits on this page apply to these TiVo models:
  • Philips HDR312
  • Philips HDR31201
  • Philips HDR31202
  • Philips HDR31203
  • Philips HDR612
  • Philips PTV300

REPLACE Your Existing Storage Capacity
Lifetime or monthly subscription remains intact, but programming and settings are reset.
TiVo Upgrade Kit

Replace your drive(s) with 165 Hours* - Single 160gb Drive (refurbished) - more info

$0.00 - Eligible for Free Ground Shipping

TiVo Upgrade Kit

Replace your drive(s) with 344 Hours* - Dual 160gb Drives (refurbished) - more info

$0.00 - Eligible for Free Ground Shipping

Professional Upgrade Service
Upgrade Service - Send us your TiVo and we'll upgrade it for you
Buy any Upgrade listed above and the service below. We'll email you immediately with our shipping address and shipping instructions. The Professional Upgrade is done by us - you send us your TiVo, we upgrade and test it and send it back to you. Turnaround time is generally 3-5 business days. Free return shipping is via ground delivery - faster options are available during checkout.
TiVo must be fully working and in stock condition.

Standard Upgrade Service
We install new drive(s) in your TiVo - you start again at Guided Setup.
You will receive an email with shipping instructions after your upgrade order is finalized. $49.99

Deluxe Upgrade Service
We copy your settings and programming to the new drive(s) - you lose nothing! Your capacity will simply increase!
You will receive an email with shipping instructions after your upgrade order is finalized. $79.99

Note to HDR110, PTV100, and PTV300 Owners: All PTV100 units and HDR110 units are functionally identical to HDR112 units - please use that model number when ordering. PTV300 units are some version of HDR312 units - please look carefully at the back of your unit to find the "HDR" number. It will be HDR312 or longer (e.g. HDR31203), and will be printed on the white label on the back of the unit. This is important - HDR312 units have two drives and not all upgrade kits work for those units. The other variants (HDR31201, HDR31202, etc.) have one drive and can use any upgrade kit on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


All Upgrade Kits are in stock and shipping!

*This is the maximum amount of recording hours possible, but given many other factors (recording quality, VBR compression, etc.) you may not be able to record this total number of hours.


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All orders are eligible for FREE shipping! We use UPS and USPS (free ground shipping in 48 states - full shipping info).

Questions? Send an email or try our chat during business hours (see the buttons on the right).

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