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TiVo Repair Service for High Definition TiVos

TiVoHD/Series3, Premiere/Series4, Roamio/Series5, BOLT/Series6, Edge/Series7 HD TiVo Repair

Series3 TiVo HD TiVo Premiere BOLT

This repair page covers these TiVo models:

  • TiVo Series3 Model TCD648250B (original Series3, 250 GB)
  • TiVo HD Model TCD652160 (160 GB unit)
  • TiVo HD XL Model TCD658000 (1 TB model)
  • TiVo Premiere Series4 Models TCD746320 and TCD746500
  • TiVo Premiere4 Model TCD750500
  • TiVo Premiere XL Series4 Model TCD748000
  • TiVo Premiere Elite / XL4 Series4 Model TCD758250
  • TiVo Roamio - all regular, OTA, Plus, and Pro models
  • TiVo Edge for Cable or Antenna

We now have a dedicated page for TiVo Bolt Repairs.

Have an older TiVo? We have different repair options for Series1 and Series2 TiVos.


Repairs for these models work like this: you pay our $49.99 diagnostic charge, which includes a diagnosis of your unit's problems, labor involved in installing any resulting parts, and return shipping via UPS ground.

To start, add the item below to your cart and checkout. Be sure to give us complete information about the problems you are having in the customer notes area below the credit card section.

Once you complete the order, we'll email you specific shipping information, in a separate email from your order confirmation.

Then, when we receive your unit, we'll diagnose the hardware and contact you.

The full repair process generally takes from three to seven business days here, at WeaKnees.

Repair Service

Series3/Series4/Series5/Series6 TiVo Repair
Labor for diagnosis, repair, and return shipping for Series3/4/5/6 HD TiVo DVRs. Does not include parts.

Important Notes:

-All of our repairs are designed to keep your lifetime service in place. In the unlikely event that we aren't able to fix your unit, the labor fee still applies. The parts/labor required for motherboard repairs (ie soldering/desoldering components) is not included in the the $49.99 charge quoted above.

-We can fix HDMI ports on most Series3 and TiVo HD units. More info is here. We cannot repair HDMI ports on Premiere, Roamio, and Bolt units. HDMI failures on those units are very rare, though, and often getting no output is really not a bad HDMI port but some other problem with your unit.


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Payment Methods

All orders are eligible for FREE shipping! We use UPS and USPS (free ground shipping in 48 states - full shipping info).

Questions? Contact us! Call us at 888 - WEAKNEES (888 932-5633) or 310 842-4700 or send an email.

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